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Marine Services

Refitting and Refurbishment

Prima Classe offers a diverse range of Marine refitting and refurbishment services, for new custom interiors through to full interior refits, from the floor to the roof and everything in between.  Our team of craftsman specialise working with both timber and fibreglass,  as well as a wide range of composite materials to reflect the lifestyle and vision of our clients. All customisation and fabrication is  handled either onsite, in our mobile workshop or back at the Prima Classe factory.

When clients are looking for solutions in a specific space, designers and craftsman work together with a team of speciality skilled people, to evolve and create extravagant designs that only marine specialists can deliver. Creating luxurious functional living spaces create challenges that require excellence in craftsmanship, attention to detail and a company that can manage projects effectively. Reffing and refurbishment is second nature to our professional team, who use these skills every day making Prima Classe the perfect partner in extraordinary luxurious spaces. 

Owners of Yachts and marina’s expect to find an interior outfitter that can deliver a luxurious space that is exceptional in quality and that meets the strict requirements demanded in the Marine Services sector.


European Style, Craftsmanship and Quality

Marine Services

 Located in the heart of the Marine Industry in Coomera Queensland, our team have a fully equipped mobile work shop  that enables us to deliver our services to wherever your yacht is stored or moored, saving you time and money from having to move and lift your yacht.


Custom Joinery Solutions

Fit Out

Spray Painting

French Polishing

Full Interior Refitting